Services offered are:

Hand saws, tree limos, and measuring sticks are provided to cut down and haul the perfect tree in from the field. If your tree is too large to haul out of the field on the tree limo, a tractor and wagon will go out to the field and pick up your tree for you.

Trees are placed on our tree shaker after harvest to dislodge old needles, weeds, and debris so you will have a clean tree.

Excess bottom branches are cut off to make it easier to put the tree into a stand, then the tree is baled (wrapped with twine) to make it compact for transporting and to protect its delicate branches.

We drill trees using The Stand Straight Christmas tree drilling system with a tapered drill bit to allow for easy setup of your Christmas tree. Stand straight tree stands are available for purchase at the farm as well.

Fresh handmade wreaths (Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir and Blue Spruce)

  • Large Parking Area, Restrooms, and Holiday Music.
  • Hot chocolate, candy canes, and coloring books for the kids.
  • Santa Clause on select weekends throughout the Christmas Season.

Provide cut outs such as a snowman, sleigh, and a height measuring tree with year for family pictures and a 20’ inflatable snowman for picture taking opportunities.

Newly built Amish Barn with a Gift Shop of locally handmade crafts and ornaments.

Available This Year

 Fraser Fir  5′ – 18′
 Douglas Fir 5′ – 14′
 Concolor Fir 5′ – 9′
 Canaan Fir 7′ – 12′
 Blue Spruce 5′ – 11′

Our Hours

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

From the Gift Shop

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